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Why It’s Important to Still Celebrate the Holidays this Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and isolating for many people. Now, with the holiday season upon us, between social distancing, concern for the welfare of loved ones, and the overwhelming impact of the pandemic on our daily lives, it can be tempting to skip on the holiday cheer. Our advice: modify the celebration but certainly don’t skip it. With hopes of a more traditional holiday celebration next year, it’s important to still make the season special during these challenging times. 

Sharing traditions and meaningful moments with loved ones should not be canceled.

While you may not be able to travel across the country or share a meal at the same table, connecting with loved ones during the holidays remains just as meaningful. Plan ahead. Map out your virtual celebration with family and friends, and if you are able, try to keep any traditions present during this celebration. Traditions contribute a sense of comfort, so wherever you can do so safely, continue to do the things you normally would do during this unique holiday season.

Decorate and celebrate to make this time of year feel special. 

Without access to many of our usual activities, each day can tend to run into the next. This makes holiday traditions even more impactful this year, as they can help to create distinction between the days. So put up your Christmas tree, bake sugar cookies, drive through your neighborhood to look at the lights on the houses. Keep your unique holiday rituals and they will serve to bolster the morale for yourself and your loved ones. 

Small moments of celebration mean more now than ever.

Amidst such uncertainty, finding daily moments of delight and celebrating them will help us all get through this pandemic. Even if your holiday celebration is a fraction of what it normally would be, it is still worth the effort.

This season reminds us of the things we are thankful for.

During this pandemic, many of us have been shifting our focus more to all that we have rather than things we might want. These feelings of gratitude hold particular significance given the nature of this particular holiday season. Practicing gratitude has also been said to be helpful in alleviating stress and loneliness. While this year’s holidays may look a bit different, it is essential to create a culture of joy and gratitude at home that can transform the atmosphere into a positive one despite the current situation. Prioritize the small moments and keep as many traditions alive as you possibly can - you will be so happy you did.

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