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Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples without a Registry

wedding party ideas

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No registry? No problem! Finding the right wedding gift can be challenging, especially when the couple does not have a registry. Today, not everyone registers for items that have traditionally been wedding gift go-tos, (think fine china, silver, and crystal). Some newlyweds are looking for more personal and unique gifts that fit their lifestyle and their personality as a couple. Additionally, more and more couples are living together prior to getting married, causing them to need less of the essential or more traditional wedding gift items when they enter their marriage, and even causing couples to skip a registry altogether.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Here are some awesome wedding gifts that any couple would be thrilled to receive:


Unique Cocktail Glasses

For the couple who appreciates a great homemade cocktail, you can never have too many sets of interesting cocktail glasses. Because, as everyone knows, it’s not just about the taste, it’s also about the presentation - and it’s fun to mix it up! Gift these glasses with a recipe book to give the couple even more ideas on yummy drinks to whip up together.


cocktail glasses Unique & Interesting Cocktail Glasses



Espresso Machine

For the couple who can’t get the day started without a fantastic cup of coffee, this is the perfect gift! It’s a little on the pricier side, but you can be certain it will be used daily. Pair it with some artisan coffee beans and it’s a gift that any coffee connoisseur would be thrilled to receive.



Chess Sets or Board Games

For the couple who has a competitive streak, help them keep competition and playfulness alive and well in their marriage with chess sets or board games. Keep your eye out for special chess sets made of marble, glass, or wood. Since this will likely be a gift they will have for life and perhaps even pass down to their children, make sure that the quality is excellent. If you opt for the more traditional board game route, look for collector’s editions of the couple’s favorite games. 


marble chess set White & Black Marble Chess Set



Custom Coasters

For truly any couple, custom coasters can make a fantastic gift, because they take up very little space and are something that everyone needs in their home, but often items that people forget to purchase for themselves. Take the time to find coasters that match the personal style of the couple or that commemorate this special time of their lives.


Custom Engraved Coasters Custom Engraved Coasters



Towel Warmer

For the couple who loves a good treat yourself moment, help them turn their bathroom into an oasis with a towel warmer. Nobody enjoys damp bath towels, so you can be certain that this gift will be well-used and well-loved. 


Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Luxury Bucket-Style Towel Warmer


Wooden Salad Bowl

For the couple who can’t get enough of their leafy greens, a large wooden salad bowl is the perfect gift and one that is sure to make a statement on their table. Go for quality on this gift and look for a sturdy, well-crafted bowl that will last. Our favorite is Ironwood Gourmet!


Wooden Salad Bowl Acacia Wood Salad Bowl

Compact Cheese & Charcuterie Board

For the couple who can’t get enough cheese, look for a compact board that will allow for easy storage! This is an entertaining staple and our pick allows for easy storage - a must when it comes to cheese boards. It also can be customized with the newlyweds’ monogram.


Monogrammed Bamboo Cutting Board Monogrammed Bamboo Cutting Board

Storage Canisters

For the couple who loves to organize, storage canisters make an excellent gift, allowing couples to store items in an orderly, yet decorative, way. Perfect for storing food, such as pasta and oats, or household items like paper clips or pens, these canisters are a gift that nearly every couple could use. Plus, our pick comes with reusable labels and a chalk pen!


Airtight Canister Set  Airtight Storage Jars with Clip Top Lids

Maple Cutting Board

For the couple who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, a large maple cutting board is a beautiful addition to any home. Whether it’s used for prepping food, resting meat, or as a centerpiece on a kitchen counter, this is a more expensive gift, but one that will last a lifetime. 


Maple Cutting Board Reversible Maple Wood Chopping Block

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