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Things To Do With Your Friends, Loved Ones, Or Solo On Valentine's Day

Things To Do With Your Friends, Loved Ones, Or Solo On Valentine's Day

There are always those people out there who proclaim that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday - but here at Starr Celebrations we’re just not buying it! At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love. It can be romantic love, friendly love, self-love, the love of a pet, the love of a place, you name it! Love is love. So mark the day by celebrating in big or small ways! Whether you are with friends, with a loved one, or solo this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways to celebrate and spread the love.

1. Have a Sleepover

Is there anything better than an old school sleepover? Put on comfy pjs and slippers, do face masks, order pizza, have a movie marathon, open a bottle of wine, and of course, make sure someone brings chocolate! 

2. Be a Volunteer 

Spread love in your community by signing up as a volunteer for the day. Clean up the beaches or parks, plant trees, serve food at a homeless shelter, walk dogs at an animal shelter, the options are endless. There is so much good that can be done just in your own community, and what better day to do it than Valentine’s Day!

3. Get Active

A morning fitness class will give you a big dose of endorphins to kick off your Valentine’s Day! Working to become a healthier, stronger you is a wonderful form of self-love, both on Valentine’s Day and every day. So keep moving!

4. Go for a Hike

Head outside and spend the day in nature. The sense of peace, joy, and satisfaction experienced while hiking will be sure to set a fantastic tone for the rest of your Valentine’s Day.

5. Have a Picnic

Take your V-Day meal outdoors and pack a special picnic. Picnics are an easy yet romantic way to celebrate. So grab a blanket and a basket and head to the nearest park!

6. Get a Mani/Pedi

Celebrate the day by treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure at your favorite salon or spa. Getting pampered on Valentine’s Day is a must! 

7. Host a Brunch

Host a delicious brunch for your friends and try to squeeze in as many red, pink, and shaped foods as possible. Try baking a red velvet cake or using a cookie cutter to make heart-shaped waffles!

8. Go to Karaoke

Karaoke is fun any day of the year, so why not spend Valentine’s Day belting out your favorite tunes? Sing at the top of your lungs and dance the night away.

9. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a perfect activity to do with friends, a loved one, or on your own. Spend V-Day on the rink - you’ll be so happy you did! 

10. Plan a Weekend Getaway

A weekend trip to the beach or the snow, or just somewhere a little outside of town, is a wonderful way to get away from daily routines and enjoy a quick getaway. 

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