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Celebrating Pi Day: How to Make it Fun and Memorable

celebrating pi day

Here at Starr Celebrations, we love all things celebratory and we are always in search of more things to celebrate! With Valentine’s Day having already passed and St. Patrick’s Day not quite here, we are ready to celebrate a lesser known favorite day of ours - Pi Day! 

First, what is Pi Day?

Pi Day is March 14th. In 1988, physicist Larry Shaw determined that Pi deserved its own holiday and started Pi Day, an annual celebration named after the first three numbers of Pi or π: 3.14. The date also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. 

If you are looking for fun and memorable ways to celebrate Pi Day, we’ve got you covered! 

Play pie games

Pie-throwing competitions, pie-in-the-face contests, and pie-eating contests are just a few of the games you can play with pies. All of these are a bit messy, but the bigger the mess, the bigger the fun!

Bake mini pies and give away them to friends and family

While baking full-sized pies for all the special people in your life could be quite an undertaking, mini pies are adorable and easy to make in large batches. Using mini pie tins, whip up as many mini pies as you like and distribute them to your loved ones with a cute note wishing them a Happy Pi Day.  

Hold a Pi Recitation Contest

For all of the math-lovers out there, holding a Pi recitation contest is a perfect way to celebrate March 14th. With more than 31 trillion digits of Pi calculated thus far, this contest is sure to keep everyone busy!

Wear Pi/Pie-Themed Apparel 

From clever mathematical shirts to pie earrings, there are tons of ways to wear your Pi Day spirit. 

Bake a Pi-themed cake

Yes, this might seem sacreligious on Pi Day, but if you are more of a cake person than a pie person, bake your favorite cake and cover it with Pi-themed decorations. 

Host a pie bake-off

Ask each of your friends to bake a pie from scratch and have a bake-off competition! Create score cards and take turns sampling and judging all of the pies. For the winner, a new pie plate is the perfect prize.

Start celebrating at 3:14PM

If you are hosting a Pi Day party, ask guests to arrive precisely at 3:14 PM. It adds a little extra fun to the day and keeps the 3.14 theme top of mind!

Serve only round foods

Because Pi is defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, serve only round foods on Pi Day. Pie is a given, but the options are truly endless when it comes to other circle-shaped treats. Get creative!

Decorate with a Pi- ñata

Who doesn't love a good party with a piñata smash fest? Find a piñata shaped like the Pi symbol and it will serve as both a great decoration and a fun activity!


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